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Until 30. August 2024

Tribute to World Legends: Ray Charles

Ray Charles is known as a laughing jazzman, made famous by the 60s and 70s songs Hit the Road Jack and Georgia on My Mind. His life and professional journey has been fraught with tortuous obstacles, and despite this, both have been successfully and expertly navigated after a prolonged period of time. Ray Charles and Lee Andrew Davison share not only a love of music, but a desire to create music for an audience that will appreciate it and pass it on to the next generation.

Until 30. June 2024

Schwestern: Watchtower

This site-specific installation offers space for audiovisual detox and quiet contemplation after visiting the exhibitions. You can think about what you saw in the gallery or simply relax your mind completely. This year, the architectural-artistic duo schwestern created an installation called the Watchtower. The three highest windows in the building of the former transformer station reveal a view of the unique area of ​​Klárov, bordered on one side by the sought-after views of Prague Castle and on the other by the Letná hill profile.

Until 30. June 2024

1796–1918: Art of the Long Century

The exhibition 1796–1918: Art of the Long Century from the NGP collections understands the so-called “long century” in a different way than usual. The difference lies in the dates – its beginning is not linked with the events of the French Revolution, but with the birth of the Society of the Patriotic Friends of the Arts on February 5, 1796 in Prague, whose activities were of major importance for the development of fine arts in the Czech Lands.

The exhibition includes two small graphic cabinets presenting the rich exhibits of the Collection of Prints and Drawings from the period under examination.

Until 24. April 2024

Elmgreen & Dragset: Read

The artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset have transformed Kunsthalle Praha into a curious public library. Titled Read, their exhibition celebrates Prague's literary heritage, and brings together works by sixty international artists.

Until 19. May 2024

Preparing for Darkness 2024

Museum Kampa

The exhibition series ‘Preparing for Darkness’, I would like to pose a counter concept. The 8th edition of the series takes place at Museum Kampa and presents 13 artists – mostly painters – who stand as examples of a generation marked by an exceptional intellectual approach to artistic practices. The resulting profound examination of art history, paired with extraordinary artistic skill, can be seen as veritable and imminent, as they each, through their own unique style, offer a real, pictorially comprehensible and perceptible dialogue between past art and their own inscribed emotional world. What unites them is a resurrection of melancholy, which returns to highlight the magical in a viewing experience. In that sense, my chosen metaphor ’Preparing for Darkness’ is meant to describe both melancholy and the state of the world.“ – Uwe Goldenstein

Until 22. September 2024


The exhibition Kafkaesque focuses on reflections on Kafka’s work and poetics in contemporary visual art offering not a historical perspective of his work, but a view that reflects our present-day situation with all its complexities and ambiguities. Works by more than twenty internationally acclaimed artists show that Kafka’s work with its references to existential fears and personal anxieties is highly relevant for our times.

Until 25. August 2024

Modern Realist Approaches across the Czechoslovak Scene 1918–1945

The term New Realisms refers to a broader spectrum of the period realist approaches, including the areas of work traditionally referred to as Neoclassicism, Verism, New Objectivity, social art, magic realism and primitivism and, in photography, especially the New Vision.

The project follows works that formally and in terms of their content are related and reflect the modern realist tendencies of the 1920s, which until recently have largely stood aside from the predominantly Francophone interpretation of the development of art history in Czechoslovakia.

Until 20. April 2024

Prague Fashion Week

The famous Prague Fashion Week will take place in Prague. This year, Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week will visit the Tyrš House, the iconic heart of the Sokol movement – the headquarters of the Czech Sokol Association.

As expected, you can look forward to a packed program full of designer shows, showrooms, great music, and dancing.

19. April 2024

Planeta Praha

The exhibition Planeta Praha tells the story of Prague's nature in a way we are not used to, looking at the city through the eyes of plants and animals. How do they perceive pavements, cracks in plaster, station platforms or street lamps? How does the environment, which humans have built primarily for themselves, serve them? In addition to Prague's often-overlooked nature, the interactive exhibition will also focus on the people who observe, study and care for it. The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with the creators of the documentary film and a picture book publication of the same name.

20. April 2024

Street food on the Embankment

Taste the best of the world’s street food on Saturday 20 April at Smíchovská náplavka. Come and enjoy a day in the company of good food at the Prague hot spot. Choose from a wide range of street food specialties, fresh fish and juicy burgers.


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We regularly update the Josef Loves blog on our website which reveals insider tips you would not find in every travel guide; both in the historic downtown and outside of the tourist highlights.

Discover the old town in the early morning before the city awakes or explore the Prague castle at night when it’s full of mystery; arrange an individual cultural agenda in advance of your arrival or during your stay.

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