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Until 7. January 2024

Infamous Beauty

The comprehensive series Infamous, created in 2019, is presented in the mezzanine. Andres Serrano has been dealing with the themes of racial intolerance and inequality for a long time, for the first time significantly in the early 1990s in his series Nomads and Clan (both from 1990).

Until 22. December 2023

1956-1989: Architecture for All

The exhibition focuses on architecture and lifestyle between 1956 and 1989. Lifestyle is a phenomenon in which everyday experiences and experiences intersect with architecture and design as creative disciplines. Against the backdrop of modernity, characterized by the transition to a post-industrial society, the growth of the tertiary sector, services, and significant advances in (tele)communication and audiovisual media, the specific Czech situation appears as a special case study with different aspects of political developments during the Cold War.

Until 31. December 2023

VR film Darkening

Take a dive into the first Czech VR film Darkening in a unique installation specially designed for the NaFilM museum. The screening room is filled with 12 km of rope to enhance your unconventional film experience. Come to the only place in Prague where you can put on a headset and watch the first Czech VR film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

Until 28. November 2023

Magic Phantom – Best Of Black Light Theatre

Experience an extraordinary theatrical show in Prague and watch the “Phantom” come to life in dance and pantomime. See the best scenes of black light theater by the Hilt company, and watch contemporary stage effects.



Until 11. February 2024

Fotograf Festival #13

Digital reality and ubiquitous technologies put our attention under constant visual pressure. They compel us to react, to have emotional responses. They seek to gain as much of our attention as possible. This year’s Fotograf Festival, aptly titled HYPERTENSION23, contemplates this phenomenon in three separate exhibitions. The display will start off with a group exhibition under the same name.

Until 24. January 2024


Turn on. Turn off.
Turn on, make mistakes, save, turn off.
Turn on, develop, solve, make mistakes, save, turn off.
Turn on. Develop. Address people connections. Humanity is defined by the question of love;
People kill, they hate, they want to love.
Define options; live, love, think, make mistakes, fail. Be better than human existence. Save.

Integrate. Go beyond. Live.

2. December 2023

Prague Christmas Markets

There is nothing much more lightning up the city than pretty much famous Christmas Markets. “Winter wonderland” set up by markets lights and smell of mulled wine along with sweet- smelling trdnelnik, is truly bringing locals and tourists into the memorable atmosphere of Christmas.

12. December 2023

FLOEX (Tomáš Dvořák)

Is a clarinettist, composer and multimedia artist from Prague. The musical nickname comes originally from the combination of the different worlds 'float', 'flex', 'experiment'.

19. January 2024

Bella Italia!

We will hear the Saltarello from the Italian Symphony by the German composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, who was enchanted by his two-year sojourn around Italy. Naturally, we will not omit music from operas by the native Italians Gioacchino Rossini and Giuseppe Verdi or the visionary ending of Ottorino Respighi’s Pines of Rome.


Concierge Team

Unique tips

As a design hotel with a savvy concierge team, Hotel Josef is tuned in to Prague’s art, design and food scenes. Whether it’s a culinary experience, jazz event or off-the-beaten path tour, our staff will introduce you to the events and places that match your interests.

We regularly update the Josef Loves blog on our website which reveals insider tips you would not find in every travel guide; both in the historic downtown and outside of the tourist highlights.

Discover the old town in the early morning before the city awakes or explore the Prague castle at night when it’s full of mystery; arrange an individual cultural agenda in advance of your arrival or during your stay.

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