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  • Refillable drinking water tank in fitness area
  • Laundry changes in the guest rooms only at departure or by request
  • Digital copies of invoices and receipts available at reception
  • Encouraging guests to reuse towels and save energy
  • E- chargers for cars in our garage
  • Between 1.1.22 – 31.12.23, 100% of electricity supplied to Hotel Josef will be produced from renewable resources (guaranteed by Prague Energetika)
  • ECO products used while cleaning


  • 70% of suppliers committed to sustainable practices
  • Recyclable straws, limited plastic waste at breakfast
  • Using regulated, Bio meat from local Czech farmers
  • Chickens and eggs from free range farms
  • Limiting distance travelled for delivery of goods
  • On-site herb and vegetable garden
  • Freshwater fish and only from selected suppliers
  • No Avocados
  • As many local Czech ingredients as possible
  • Variety of seasonal offers of vegetables and fruits at every meal


Sustainability in Hospitality in Prague - Hotel Josef - Sustainable Hospitality
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