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Prague’s gastronomy, nightlife, and shopping offerings have all but tripled in recent years – transforming the Czech capital into a destination visited not only for its historical splendor but as a city break par excellence. Located in a vibrant Prague quarter teeming with restaurants, cafés, galleries and performance spaces, Hotel Josef is a convenient starting point for exploring it all. The Josef Loves blog, updated regularly by our concierge team, reveals insider tips – from the best baristas to the hottest tables in town – exclusively for our guests.

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Vietnamese Restaurants & Community

Little known fact: Prague has the third-largest Vietnamese community in Europe, a result of a migration and work program from the Communist era, which saw a number of Vietnamese settle in the Czech Republic. Explore the Vietnamese market in Holešovice or further afield in Libuš to get a sense of the roots they have created here while sampling some of the most delicious pho or bánh mì in Central Europe. Convenietnly located next to Hotel Josef, Banh Mi Makers is a great spot to try Vietnamese baguettes.