Josef Loves

Prague’s gastronomy, nightlife, and shopping offerings have all but tripled in recent years – transforming the Czech capital into a destination visited not only for its historical splendor but as a city break par excellence. Located in a vibrant Prague quarter teeming with restaurants, cafés, galleries and performance spaces, Hotel Josef is a convenient starting point for exploring it all. The Josef Loves blog, updated regularly by our concierge team, reveals insider tips – from the best baristas to the hottest tables in town – exclusively for our guests.

Fashion, Art & Design / Holešovice

DOX Gallery

A multifunctional space in a former factory building in one of Prague’s trendiest districts. DOX is more than just an exhibition space. Through its exhibitions and presentations of current international and Czech art, it tries to open hot topics for discussion, which is further developed by the accompanying programs, public events, film screenings, interactive workshops and events taking place in its main building and world-famous suspended Gulliver Airship.

DOX Gallery