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We are very happy to present our Creative Director Martina's specially curated selection of recommended Art & Design events in Prague: 




National Gallery in Prague – Veletržní Palace (Národní galerie v Praze – Veletržní palác)


Until 6. 1. 2019


The German artist, Katharina Grosse (born 1961) elaborates a large-scale, site specific painterly installation which radically redefines painting as a performative and architectural medium and responds to the National Gallery's industrial space of the late 20s functionalist style. “Wunderbild” is an architectural painting, a spatial image which the viewer inhabits with his/her body and mind. The colour gains a volume; the flat surface turns sculptural; the pictorial field crosses the limits of the visual. The installation resembles a medieval mural and a womb-like cave of a pre-ancient drawing, a post-theatrical chamber of a hyper-technical intoxicating environment.



Prague City Gallery – House at the Stone Bell


Until 20. 5. 2018


Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the art of two exceptional Chinese artists Zhang Xiaogang and Wang Guangyi, who started their creative journey in the secluded China of the 80s, and today they belong to the world most renowned artists .

The exhibition is a confrontation of two lines that characterize the development of contemporary art in China. The first one is inspired by poetry and literature; the second one mostly by philosophy. Both of these lines will be represented by current works which were also influenced by the spiritual atmosphere of Prague. These works will be accompanied by a selection of photographs by Xia Quan. These pictures capture the atmosphere of the 80s in China, when the independent Chinese culture of today started to emerge.


MARIA LASSNIG 1919 - 2014

National Gallery in Prague – Veletržní Palace (Národní galerie v Praze – Veletržní palác)


Until 17. 6. 2018


The first major retrospective of Maria Lassnig in the Czech Republic. The exhibition features 50 large-format paintings, drawings and watercolour series, sculptures, and spans the artist’s entire 70-year career. From abstract works she made in Vienna in the 1940s, through her painting experiments in New York and Paris including her cinematic works, to works she created after her return to Austria, including some rarely exhibited sculptures. Last but not least, visitors can view paintings, drawings and watercolours the artist made in her final years, focusing on self-portraiture and investigating the idea behind much of Lassnig’s art, namely the notion of “body awareness”, concentrating on introspective experiences.


Daniel Pešta:DeTermination

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art


26. 1. - 7. 5. 2018


The De-Termination is the largest solo exhibition of this multimedia artist in the Czech Republic and presents a selection of his works relating to genetical, racial and social determination of a human, for which he was awarded in 2017 at the London Biennale. The exhibition follows the line of some crucial motifs – a map, genetic code, and the topic – Jesus Christ, which repeat in a cyclic way in his work and with which he systematically deals and works.



Prague City Gallery: New Acquisitions

Prague City Gallery – Municipal Library (Městská knihovna)


Until 29. 4. 2018


Prague City Gallery restored its acquisition activity five years ago after a prolonged pause. Today, the Gallery has the opportunity to acquire works from the artists it had been following on a long-term basis and whose exhibitions it had organized. The exhibition presents a selection of their works originating from the past four years and provides an insight to the structure of the Gallery collections which are thus gradually becoming self-contained and head towards the future permanent exhibition.